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ASAP Rocky Personal Tattoo Philosophy

ASAP Rocky views tattoos as a form of self-expression and a way to tell his life story. He believes that tattoos should have a deeper meaning and should be thoughtfully chosen. In an interview with GQ, he stated “Tattoos are like a diary, it’s like a book of your life. I don’t just get tattoos just to say I have tattoos.”

ASAP Rocky’s tattoos are a reflection of his personality, experiences, and beliefs. For instance, the cross tattoo on his right knee represents his spirituality and religious beliefs, while the “Live.Love.A$AP” tattoo on his left arm is a tribute to his debut mixtape.

The rapper also has tattoos that pay homage to his hometown of Harlem, New York, such as the “Harlem” tattoo on his left forearm and the “212” tattoo on his right hand, which is the area code for Harlem.

ASAP Rocky’s tattoos often incorporate symbols and phrases that hold personal significance to him. For example, the “Anarchy” symbol tattoo on his left thigh represents his rebellious nature and opposition to authority, while the “IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN” tattoo on his right thigh serves as a reminder to seize the moment and live in the present.

Overall, ASAP Rocky’s tattoos serve as a visual representation of his identity and life experiences. He sees them as a way to express himself and leave a lasting impression on the world.

The Evolution of ASAP Rocky Tattoos

if not now then when asap rocky

ASAP Rocky is known for his unique and eye-catching tattoos. Over the years, the rapper has added several tattoos to his body, each with its own meaning and significance. Here is a brief overview of the evolution of ASAP Rocky’s tattoos.

Early Tattoos

ASAP Rocky’s first tattoos were simple and small. He got a few tattoos on his hands and arms, including a small cross on his hand and a “Live Love A$AP” tattoo on his arm. These tattoos were simple and reflected his love for music and his crew.

Religious Tattoos

ASAP Rocky has several religious tattoos, including a large cross on his knee and a “God Will Judge Me” tattoo on his collarbone. These tattoos reflect his faith and belief in God. The cross tattoo is a common symbol of spirituality and religion, while the “God Will Judge Me” tattoo serves as a reminder to live life to the fullest and not worry about the opinions of others.

Memorial Tattoos

ASAP Rocky has several tattoos that pay tribute to his loved ones who have passed away. He has a tattoo of his late brother on his arm, as well as a tattoo of his grandmother’s name on his hand. These tattoos serve as a reminder of the important people in his life and the impact they have had on him.

Collaborative Tattoos

ASAP Rocky has several tattoos that he got with his friends and collaborators, including a “VLONE” tattoo that he got with his friend A$AP Bari. These tattoos reflect the close relationships he has with his friends and the importance of collaboration in his life.

Overall, ASAP Rocky’s tattoos are a reflection of his personality, beliefs, and relationships. They serve as a visual representation of his life and experiences and continue to evolve as he grows and changes as an artist and a person.

The Significance of ASAP Rocky Tattoos

ASAP Rocky is known for his unique style, and his tattoos are an essential part of it. Each of his tattoos has a special meaning and significance. Here are some of the most notable tattoos on his body and their meanings:

Cross Tattoo:

ASAP Rocky has a tattoo of a cross on his right knee. This tattoo represents his spiritual and religious beliefs. It refers to the crucifixion of Jesus and faith in him. The rapper also made a song, “On God,” expressing his spirituality and trust in divine power.


ASAP Rocky has a tattoo of the phrase “IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN” on his right thigh. This tattoo is a reminder to live in the moment and seize the day. It’s a message that encourages people to take action and pursue their dreams.

Vlone Logo Tattoo:

ASAP Rocky has a tattoo of the Vlone logo on his chest. Vlone is a clothing brand that he helped to create. The logo features the word “Vlone” in bold letters with a red slash through the “o.” The brand has become popular among hip-hop artists and fashion enthusiasts.

“1998” Tattoo:

ASAP Rocky has a tattoo of the number “1998” on his collarbone. This tattoo represents the year he was born. It’s a reminder of his roots and where he came from.

ASAP” Tattoo:

ASAP Rocky has a tattoo of the letters “ASAP” on his knuckles. This tattoo stands for “Always Strive And Prosper,” which is his personal motto. It’s a reminder to keep pushing forward and never give up.

In conclusion, ASAP Rocky’s tattoos are not just a form of self-expression, but they also carry significant meanings. Each tattoo tells a story about his life, beliefs, and values. Check out some cool ASAP Rocky tattoo designs here!

ASAP Rocky: Most Iconic Tattoos

rihanna asap rocky tattoo

ASAP Rocky is known for his unique sense of style and fashion, but he is also recognized for his tattoos. Over the years, he has gotten several tattoos that hold significant meanings. Here are some of his most iconic tattoos:

The ASAP Yams Tribute Tattoo

One of ASAP Rocky’s most prominent tattoos is the tribute tattoo he got for his late friend and A$AP Mob founder, ASAP Yams. The tattoo is located on his right hand and features the letters “RAF” in honor of Yams’ favorite brand, Raf Simons. The tattoo also includes the letters “Cozy” and “World” as a nod to Yams’ Cozy Boys collective and “A$AP” written in bold letters.

The Birth Year Tattoo

ASAP Rocky also has a tattoo on his left arm that reads “1998.” This tattoo represents the year he was born and is a reminder of where he came from and how far he has come since then. The tattoo is written in bold, black letters and is located on the inside of his left forearm.

The Portrait Tattoos

ASAP Rocky has several portrait tattoos on his body, including one of his mother on his arm and one of his late grandmother on his chest. The tattoo of his mother is located on his right arm and is a realistic portrait of her face. The tattoo of his grandmother is located on his chest and is a black and white portrait of her face with the words “Miss you” written above it.

Overall, ASAP Rocky’s tattoos are a reflection of his personal style and the important people and moments in his life. Each tattoo holds a significant meaning and is a representation of who he is as an artist and as a person.

ASAP Rocky’s Tattoo Artists

ASAP Rocky is known for his unique sense of style, and his tattoos are no exception. Over the years, he has worked with several talented tattoo artists to create the designs that adorn his body.

One of the most well-known tattoo artists to work with ASAP Rocky is Scott Campbell. Campbell is based in Brooklyn, New York, and has also worked with other celebrities like Heath Ledger and Marc Jacobs. He is known for his intricate designs and attention to detail, which is evident in the tattoos he has created for ASAP Rocky.

Another tattoo artist who has worked with ASAP Rocky is Bang Bang. Based in New York City, Bang Bang has worked with a number of high-profile clients, including Justin Bieber and Rihanna. He is known for his bold, graphic designs, and has created several tattoos for ASAP Rocky, including a portrait of the rapper’s late friend, A$AP Yams.

ASAP Rocky has also worked with artist Mark Mahoney, who is based in Los Angeles. Mahoney is known for his classic, old-school tattoo style, and has worked with clients like Johnny Depp and David Beckham. He created a portrait of rapper Tupac Shakur on ASAP Rocky’s arm, among other designs.

Overall, ASAP Rocky has worked with some of the most talented tattoo artists in the industry to create the unique designs that adorn his body. Each artist brings their own unique style and approach to the table, resulting in a collection of tattoos that truly reflect ASAP Rocky’s personality and sense of style. Feel free to check out our other posts on Gangster Tattoo Designs and more!

The Influence of ASAP Rocky’s Tattoos on Pop Culture

asap rocky tattoos

ASAP Rocky’s tattoos have become a significant part of his image and persona, and they have had a significant influence on pop culture. His tattoos have inspired other artists and fans alike, and they have become a symbol of his style and creativity. Here are some ways in which ASAP Rocky’s tattoos have influenced pop culture:

Tattoo Trends:

ASAP Rocky’s tattoos have inspired many people to get tattoos, and his unique style has influenced tattoo trends. His tattoos have become a popular subject for tattoo artists, and they have been replicated by fans all over the world. Some of his most famous tattoos, such as the cross on his knee and the “VLONE” tattoo under his ear, have become iconic symbols in their own right.


ASAP Rocky’s tattoos have also influenced fashion trends. His tattoos constitute an integral element of his signature style, and he actively integrates them into his fashion choices. For instance, he frequently dons clothing that proudly displays his tattoos, including sleeveless shirts and shorts. Moreover, fashion designs often feature his tattoos, as exemplified by the “VLONE” logo, which clothing and accessories prominently showcase.


ASAP Rocky’s tattoos have also had an impact on his music. His tattoos have integrated into his image as a rapper, and he has referenced them in his lyrics. For instance, in his song “Phoenix,” he raps about his tattoos, stating, “I’m a walking art exhibit with tattoos on my face.” His tattoos have also starred in music videos, as seen in the video for his song “Praise the Lord (Da Shine),” which prominently showcases his “VLONE” tattoo.

Overall, ASAP Rocky’s tattoos have had a significant influence on pop culture, from tattoo trends to fashion and music. His tattoos have become a part of his identity as an artist, and they have inspired others to express themselves through tattoos and fashion. Do you love rapper tattoos? check out our post for Lil Uzi Vert Tattoos!

FAQs: ASAP Rocky Tattoos

  1. Are A$AP Rocky’s tattoos real? Yes, all of A$AP Rocky’s tattoos are real and permanent. He has an extensive collection of tattoos that he’s acquired over the years.
  2. How many tattoos does A$AP Rocky have? It’s challenging to provide an exact number as he has numerous tattoos covering various parts of his body. A$AP Rocky’s tattoo collection is extensive and continues to evolve.
  3. Do A$AP Rocky’s tattoos have special meanings? Many of A$AP Rocky’s tattoos have personal meanings and stories attached to them. He frequently gets tattoos to commemorate significant life moments or to pay tribute to loved ones.
  4. Has A$AP Rocky ever regretted a tattoo?A$AP Rocky hasn’t publicly expressed regret for any of his tattoos. Each tattoo seems to hold a special place in his heart and reflects a part of his life journey.
  5. Has A$AP Rocky’s tattoo style influenced the tattoo industry? Yes, A$AP Rocky’s unique tattoo style has certainly had an influence on the tattoo industry. His bold and creative tattoo designs have inspired many individuals to embrace a more artistic and personalized approach to their own tattoos. His inked journey has contributed to the popularity of bold, expressive tattoos in the industry.

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